Minnesota Net-Zero Construction

Minnesota Net-Zero Home Construction

Imagine having a house with no bills!! We build energy efficient Net-Zero homes in Minnesota.

What is a Net-Zero Home?

A MN Net-Zero Home is an energy efficient home that has no heating, cooling, or electric bills. Our Minnesota Net-Zero homes are built with SIP panels and can completely eliminate energy bills. We use passive solar design, efficient heating and cooling, and energy star appliances, offset with a PV solar array. This will be the 2030 Energy code.

Science of Construction

The Minnesota climate is very extreme. Hot and humid summers and windy cold winters. To achieve a Net-Zero home in Minnesota takesĀ  a lot of planning and science. We use energy modeling to calculate every component of our houses. Once we know how much energy each system will use, we are able to calculate the properly sized solar array to offset all of the heating, cooling, and electric bills.

Energy Modeling

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Heating System

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Cooling System

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Thermal Envelope

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SIPS Construction

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Blower Door Test

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Minnesota High Performance Homes

We build homes that perform in the most extreme weather conditions

70% More Energy Efficient Homes


Faster Construction Times




To achieve every component of your house has to be designed to work together from the beginning. This entire home system must…

Our process

We design and build Net-Zero homes in Minnesota. How do we do it?
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    Design and Energy Modeling

    It all starts with an energy efficient design. Once we have the design we do energy modeling for all of the homes components, such as geography, envelope, windows and doors, hvac, hot water, ERV, lighting, and appliances.

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    Once we have a design, the fun part begins. We build a SIP envelope and

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    Solar Array

    The final step in a Minnesota Net Zero house is a properly sized solar array.

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