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Welcome to Greenlaw Homes, a Native American-owned construction and development firm with a profound commitment to innovation and sustainability. Based on our deep respect for the land and our enduring connection to our heritage, we have set out on a mission to revolutionize the construction industry through net-zero construction methods. We truly understand the science of construction.

We are a federal Hubzone construction company. We also have Minnesota TD, ED, DBE designations.

Energy Efficient Construction

We have worked with the leaders in energy efficient design and construction to come up with a high performance home.

Renewable Energy Production

We believe that the future of energy production in America is in renewable energy. We are positioned to meet the demand.

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Founded</br> 2014
Founded</br> 2014

We truly understand the "Science" of construction.

Department of Energy - Zero Energy Builders

All of our designs and systems are energy modeled from the start. We know our building’s energy requirements as the design is happening. 

Social Responsibility

This socially responsible construction company actively engages in community outreach programs, sources eco-friendly materials, and employs fair labor practices to create a positive impact on both society and the environment.


Embrace sustainable construction practices, such as net-zero building design, renewable energy integration, and eco-friendly building materials, to align with the native belief in living in harmony with nature.

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Making the Complex Simple

Simplifying complex construction projects is essential for ensuring efficiency, reducing errors, and enhancing project success.

Faster Construction
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We're thriving and building better products

Net-Zero Contractors

25 years of experience in construction and green energy

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